Am I wrong?


One day

soon or not yet

you will come to

maybe an empty crossroads 

or a unlocked door

where all it takes is a knock

or a turn

but you may wonder

am I wrong

to look beyond the façade

am I wrong

to not wear a mask

am I wrong

to wish for something more

than lies




to name a few

is it wrong

to believe what I want

say what I think

that I am meant for more than this

why is it wrong

to actually work for something

off the beaten track

because if I don’t now

I can never turn back

So don’t believe it’s wrong to

Ask for something more

Who knows what will happen

because if you never knock

you’ll spend your whole life

facing the door.


The Day you left


The day you left

a light in me went out

I wait 24 hours but you don’t come back

I remember when you told me

you were in the middle of your sentence

and I died a little

because I didn’t want to hear the end

I wait 48 hours in hope you’d come back

I looked for you everywhere

I still expect to hear your voice

and in my darkest moments

and brightest days

you should be there

I wait 3 weeks but no word. Nothing.

I send you ten messages,

3 texts and a

phone message. Nothing.

You dissapeared into the dust

and took a part of me with you

After six months your

just another memory in draw

another person I’ve lost

I wonder if we’ll meet again one day


in a coffee shop

in a distant city

and rekindle everything we had

after 4 and a half years

these miles have torn us worlds apart

and I know deep down

your not coming back.



She was just a lonely school girl 

who knew nothing of the world

she was just a young girl

barely 17

who everyone knew

had been hurt time after time

but they never did anything

she was just a young girl

who everyone they thought they knew

‘never speaks’ said one

‘never comes with us ‘ said another

‘never does anything’ said them all

‘why can’t she just be normal

why can’t she be bad and waste

away her life with us’

but when she came

they shunned her and

ignored her

but she did more than any of them

she saw more than all of them 

and she was given the world

Them and me


I stand at the crossroads between them and me

I stand at the decision of what I should

be, what I want to want to be and

who I am

Between them and me

It’s just an inch, one single step

But the biggest step of my life

Will be this one now.

They urge me join them down the easy path

They beg and plea

But something tells me doing the right thing

Is not between them,just me

and that the path that has no-one on it

that’s the one for me

and once I go I’m just left looking forward

forward to me and not them

for fate has no input from them or me

but the closest you get to a say

 is making the right choice

and hoping it won’t lead you astray.


Because I lived


Some day I’m gonna spread my wings and fly far faraway

 to that distant place over the sea.

That place I belong.

Away from here.

To that place beyond the shore.

With the long beach and green hills.

To that place where nobody knows apart from me.

With the thick trees that dance among the stars

and the dark night skies that envelope the silence,

Because I lived.

Someday I’m gonna spread my wings and fly.

I’m gonna soar.

And everyone will notice me because of what I am

not what I was,

Because I lived.

I’ll say I flew away because I had no choice.

But actually I couldn’t while away my days in a prison.

 I had a whole live to live

and that wasn’t going to happen in this small town.

My dreams were too big.

So I flew.

Because I lived.

I lived and loved.

 I had a dream and I chased it. 

That place over the sea is waiting for me.

And I’ll be flying for eternity,

Because I lived.