Day 1-Basic Details


These aren’t all my details because I am very wary of the internet and the dangers.

Name: Alexandra Jay (pseudonym)

Age: 16 (almost 17)

Home: Small town in the north of Scotland

At the moment I am: Away at boarding school, also in Scotland

A-level Subjects: History, English Lit, Drama

Hobbies: Writing, reading, anything Tolkien, going to the gym, drama, squash

Most likely to find me: In my room or in the theatre

Favourite books: Tolkien’s works, Wuthering heights, Great Gatsby

Favourite bands: American Authors, Bastille, Mumford and Sons, Bears Den, Noah and the Whale

Something I’ve never done: Tried vodka (at almost 17, I find that an achievement)

Greatest achievement so far: My completed 319 page first draft of my novel 

In ten years time I want to be: Teaching primary kids preferably in a hot country far away from Scotland with at least 2 books published and to be in a sensible permanent relationship with someone. Not partying or broke.

If you have any questions, preferably nothing too personal, ask away. AJ 🙂




I should blog more


I really should. I haven’t been on here since March 25 (Tolkien reading, fall of Sauron, beginning of the fourth age etc). I can’t believe it’s May! Where has the time gone! I’m been so busy with my exams and work and my novel in particular that it’s just flying by and I can’t keep up!

To my blog more interesting and for you guys to find out some stuff about me, I’m gonna do this:


and possibly this



I’ll see how it goes. Plus more updates on the Long road Home and my fantasy novel. 🙂