Long Way From Home(Being Edited)

Ben is 14 when he is sent to a prestigious Boarding school in the North of Scotland called St Richmond’s College. To him, boarding schools are a stereotype and only exist in books or to the very well off. He is convinced he’ll hate it. When he gets there, he is placed in Arkansas House which has about 60 teenage boys and goes from being scary to the home he never had. His four roommates; Jel, the boy who seems to have it all, Henry and Zook, forever single , very different but inseparable and Brad who is very clever and always keep the peace take Ben under their rebellious wings.  

When Ben agrees to a bet to set up the bullied kid in their house with a girl in the year above, both who don’t know the other exists and says that him and his Arkansas boys can make them a couple in  a year, nobody believes they can. But this bet will have far reaching consequences for everyone. Because it hadn’t been for the bet, Ben wouldn’t have met Jay.

Long Road Home (In progress)

With the beginning of Sixthform upon them, the Arkansas boys have some adapting to do. Ben sees this as the chance to truly shine and with Jay gone, he can put her behind him and start anew. Henry is having to learn to survive on his own and find his feet without Zook who is also having a pretty hard time of it. Brad’s dad is pressuring him more than ever to do well and he doesn’t know if he can cope. Rome’s move back to Gallagher is finally insight but has he changed to go back? Will it be everything he’s dreamed off? And when Jel comes back, it’s not the world he left behind. Slowly everyone begins to learn that what you want and what you are dealt are two very different things and it can take you a lifetime to realise that.

Blood vs. Water (Not Started)

Ben is 43 and CEO of a toothpaste company. He has two teenager children, a rocky marriage and he is not sure if he loves his wife. He hasn’t been to St Richmond’s College for 25 years. But that all changes when he gets an email from an old friend asking him if he will do a lecture there about working in a company. He is going to refuse by an opportunity to stand up in Chapel where he went every morning for four years and talk about his glory days? What could go wrong?


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