LOTR challenge=Day 1 Favourite Film


My favourite film, that’s a really hard one. I don’t see them as separate films but as one long film cut into three. Still if I have to choose, it’s either the Return of the King (RoTK) of The Fellowship of the Ring (FoTR). RoTK has some of the best moments that make me bawl but I have to go with FoTR. Here are reasons (in no particular order) why:

1.The music. Gives me the shivers everytime. Particulary the shire theme tune and The Isengard music.

2. The huge variations of different locations and how their all
unique in their own way.locations 1







3.Some of the most iconic lines in move history.

How I’m feeling about my exam tommorow…

If I take one more step2


4. The Shire. How can this not stir something inside of you?

5. The balrog is the best special effect in the movie.

6. Some of the best fight sequences.

7. The opening despite not being in the book I can recite almost word for word and the elvish at the beginning, it gives me the shivers.

8. This scene. Nuff said.




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