New opening, thoughts anyone? Would you read on


It was never meant to be my story. Well I thought I never had any stories worth telling. I watch things happen; always an outsider looking in. I’ve had one friend my whole life and I’ve never been part of anything. In case your wondering, I’m telling this for a friend. A friend who felt they couldn’t tell it themselves and a friend who without me, wouldn’t have a story as neither would I. Most of the events surrounding the bet are completely and utterly true and as a result, this is more out of guilt than a favour.

It begins and ends in a airport. I’m 14 and 9 months old and have managed to pack up my whole life into three suitcases. Inverness Airport is the third airport I’ve been in today and compare to Leeds and Aberdeen, definitely the shittiest. I have a real urge to write CLAIM ME on my forehead just to see if anyone notices but there’s no sign of life anywhere. Not a sod.