February 2014:An overview


Please note:My school is very enclosed and this is just from experience. I know so many more important things have happened but this was February 2014 for me

Almost exactly a month I went into Breakfast and our conversation consisted of three things: who had the highest score on flappybird, how everyone couldn’t wait for half-term so we could neck-nominate each other and what was the hunger games going to do without Philip Seymour-Hoffman?

My school is pretty enclosed and the best way I found out knowledge was on the internet or on Flavourwire which where I saw that Philip Seymour Hoffman had died and what a talented and tragic loss. The fact my friends only knew him from the hunger games shows us what uncultured world we live in but hey ho, I could talk lots about that but I won’t. Not now anyway. Flappybird was one of these stupid things that everyone became addicted to and the craze went on for about two weeks. At dinner, everyone sitting around the table would be playing it and it made people incredibly anti-social. I also didn’t see how such a simple game could be such an addiction. My highest score is three and I don’t consider myself a loser.

Neck-nominations. Another passed out phase that took my Facebook newsfeed and you couldn’t get away from it unless you were living under a rock (which I sometimes which I was). I thought it wouldn’t affect me until my brother put a video of himself on and then as we went on half-term, of course everyone at school went crazy. I didn’t get asked to do one (thank god) and even if I had, it wouldn’t have been  alcohol. Neck-nominations were so pointless and in a way I was glad when it fizzled out. 

So yeah that February for me. Comment anything else culturally that I’ve forgotten! 

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman, may your memory endure

Feb 2014 Playlist

Drop of Smoke-Hudson and Taylor

Mumford and Sons-Dustbowl Dance

Coldplay-The scientist

Fergie-A little party never killed nobody

Bang bang-Will.I.Am

Best Movie=Monuments Men

Best book=Room, Emma Donogue



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