Being Judgemental (Part 1)


Don’t judge what you don’t know. I could write a whole book about being judgemental. Oh jokes, I actually have. Anyway, picture the scene. I’m in Social Studies in third period and it’s full of douche bags and people who have bullied me or I don’t like. The weather is like this outside (for a change) and I’m so bored:


(That’s not my classroom, it came off Google images)

Our teacher tells us that we are starting a project about something we’re passionate about to help us apply for University.There’s an uproar, naturally because all these very privileged teenagers lack the one thing their parents aren’t paying for; depth and passion.  Then we have to get into pairs and the boy next to me is sitting doodling in his jotter and I know he is called C and he was in the juniors years because he is on exchange for a term but he is so clever he was moved up two years to lower-sixth and all the boys in his house (same ones who bullied me) spent a long time trying to get him to move and I even heard the word petition once. Nobody likes him, talks to him and sighs heavily whenever he opens his mouth. I sigh and move next to him and try and strike up a conversation.  

It turns out he’s probably the cleverest person I’ve ever met and when he starts talking about biology and neurones and landing things on Mars and what not, I suddenly feel really sorry for him. Why? Because I’m probably the first person since he got here who is listening to what he is most passionate about and who has been kind to him. My aim went from getting the plan for this project done to being interested in what he is saying and trying to make his day. I was also very grateful to talk to someone different and have a proper conversation that’s not just fluff or sexual innuendo. He also helped me with my project question which I was very grateful for.  My biggest reason though for trying not to be judgemental was because I’ve been where he is and back then, no-one was kind to me.


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