10. No matter how far I’ve ever walked, I’ll never simply walk into Mordor


ImageI’m going on a school project in the summer to an Orphanage in Romania to work at a summer school there 2 weeks along with 13 other students to work with the disadvantaged and disabled children. I’m so psyched. But I have to raise the money so last weekend I did more than half of a sponsored walk and I walked about 12 miles with my brother keeping me company. I hated it and I would have moaned all the way. Walking that far is about as far out of my comfort zone as it gets. I have walked further on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and believe you me, I’m not good company. When I got to the end of those 12 miles, my feet and ankles ached, I was tired, hungry and I needed a cup of tea and I was so glad it was over. Bloody hell, I thought, I’m never doing that again. Back to my book and my onesie.

When I got back, I stumbled across http://sweatingtomordor.wordpress.com/ (which is really awesome) and I checked it out to see how I’d walked in Middleearth. I would have almost reached the Brandywine Bridge. So still in East-Farthing and therefore still in the bloody shire. 444 miles to Rivendell, 1,765 to Mt. Doom. I’m such a wimp. The amount of walking I have to do will never ever amout to what Frodo and Sam achieved or Bilbo for that matter and that often motivates me more.


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