The Day you left


The day you left

a light in me went out

I wait 24 hours but you don’t come back

I remember when you told me

you were in the middle of your sentence

and I died a little

because I didn’t want to hear the end

I wait 48 hours in hope you’d come back

I looked for you everywhere

I still expect to hear your voice

and in my darkest moments

and brightest days

you should be there

I wait 3 weeks but no word. Nothing.

I send you ten messages,

3 texts and a

phone message. Nothing.

You dissapeared into the dust

and took a part of me with you

After six months your

just another memory in draw

another person I’ve lost

I wonder if we’ll meet again one day


in a coffee shop

in a distant city

and rekindle everything we had

after 4 and a half years

these miles have torn us worlds apart

and I know deep down

your not coming back.


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