What does it mean to be popular?


Because I am:

a)still at school

 b)a writer and a people watcher 

c)a complete social reject, 

It’s been on my mind for a bit now.What actually makes you popular? Is it how you look or who your friends with or how you act around other people. What makes this particular people so interesting that everyone is terrified of yet secretly wishes they could be friends with . Is doing that one daring thing that get’s you noticed or bullying some kid you’ve never met to show off what you can. We spend years either fearing this group of friends or having the time of our lives being part of it and never consider that they are simply a bunch of friends who happened to loved and admired by everyone. Personally I think most of them are a bunch of arseholes that bullied me and if there’s one thing I’m learning at school, being popular is only who your were.

So thoughts anyone, what does being popular mean to you either now or when you were at school? AJ xx


2 thoughts on “What does it mean to be popular?

  1. Honestly, it doesn’t mean anything in the greater scheme of things. As long as you believe in who you are. I’ve been out of school for 20 years now and looking back, it’s really just a distant memory. I’ve become the person who I was meant to be. Everything that happened in school is irrelevant. Hang in there.

  2. i’d rather be loved by a few than be popular with many, honestly it really makes no difference. i would much rather know my children had one or two really close friends they could rely on than be one of the popular kids.

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