Because I lived


Some day I’m gonna spread my wings and fly far faraway

 to that distant place over the sea.

That place I belong.

Away from here.

To that place beyond the shore.

With the long beach and green hills.

To that place where nobody knows apart from me.

With the thick trees that dance among the stars

and the dark night skies that envelope the silence,

Because I lived.

Someday I’m gonna spread my wings and fly.

I’m gonna soar.

And everyone will notice me because of what I am

not what I was,

Because I lived.

I’ll say I flew away because I had no choice.

But actually I couldn’t while away my days in a prison.

 I had a whole live to live

and that wasn’t going to happen in this small town.

My dreams were too big.

So I flew.

Because I lived.

I lived and loved.

 I had a dream and I chased it. 

That place over the sea is waiting for me.

And I’ll be flying for eternity,

Because I lived.


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