Next bit of Chapter 1


Jel come’s in five minutes later and throws the door open.

“Who the hell posts on Facebook that I think I look like the lovechild of Edward Cullen and Justin Bieber?”

Zook and Henry have gone back to their desks and I am unpacking. Brad is still on Jel’s bed, just on his own computer; and they are all trying to look totally innocent.

“Zook, I know it was you.”

Zook looks up at him.

“Me? Why would I frape you?”

“Do you really want me to answer that?”

He stomps over to his bed.

“Brad, get off my bed.”

Brad scrambles off and climbs onto Zook’s bed instead.

“Seriously guys? Who else did you message?”

They look sheepishly at each other.

“43 people have liked my status! And all the girls have says it is true! Do I really look a mixture of Edward Cullen and Justin Bieber?”

They look at each other and nod.

“No of course you don’t look like a mixture of the two best looking teen heartthrobs of the last five years.” Henry says sarcastically.

Jel climbs off his bed and begins to check himself out in the mirror that is stuck to the back of Zook’s bed.

“Maybe I do…”

Zook just rolls his eyes.

“At least you don’t get told everyday that you look like Frodo.”

They all laugh very loudly.

“Or Chewbacca.” Henry adds.

“Zook, I’m afraid you do look like Frodo. Henry, who says you look like Chewbacca?”

“You did!”


“Last year! We are talking about what Star Wars characters we would be because I say I might have a Star Wars 21st and you, Jel Armstrong say I should go as Chewbacca or a Wooki.”

Jel laughs even harder and louder.

“And then you get people to tell me whether I look like a Wooki and everyone says yes!”

Brad and Zook are also laughing a lot.

“Ben, do you think I look like a Wooki?”

Well he is pretty hairy.

“Oh Ben, apologies for the ummm… bad introduction earlier. I’m Jel by the way.”

Yeah I know.

“And he’s a complete arsehole.” Zook adds. “As you have probably already guessed.”

Jel throws a pillow at him.

“It’s the popularity, it goes to his head.” Henry says, gesturing wildly and I nod in agreement.

“Ben, when Jel introduces himself, did he give a you look like this?” Brad does best his impression of the look Jel has given me.

I nod.

“See! SEE! You DO have a look!”

“That’s bull!”

“Jel, pretending you’ve just seen someone at the bottom of the foot chain sitting in your spot.”

“The bottom of the what?”

“Jay is sitting in your seat.”

He does ‘the look’ and they all get quite over excited.

“That look! The alpha male look!”

“Show me what I do then Zook.” Jel demands.

So Zook did his best impression.

“We’ll point it out everytime you do it.”

“Kay Henry, you do that. Or shall I call you Chewyboy?”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Henry throws another pillow at Jel and then climbs from his bed onto Jel’s and jumps on him and gets him a headlock.

There is a knock and Mr H pokes his head around the door.

“Benedict, here is your timetable. I hope you lot are doing work and Bradley you should be in your own room. Isaac, get off Facebook and Henry leave Jeremy alone! Sorry, you have to be in a room with this lot Benedict, it won’t be forever.”

“Have fun in your room Brad!” Zook waves him off and Brad sticks up his middle finger.

“Who’s Brad in a room with?” I ask as I put the sheets on my bed.

“Costas who is a Spanish exchange and Gwebe who is really ugly and weird.”

“Sounds like a rave.” I reply sarcastically.  “But if Mr H is Brad’s dad then why doesn’t he put his son in with his friends?”

“Mr H doesn’t really like us in case you hadn’t already guessed.”

“Yeah he is going to put you in across the hall but there aren’t enough beds because Gwebe stop being a day pupil so you ended up here instead.” Henry says.

“By the end of three weeks, you might wish you are across there.” Jel says from behind the mirror.

Honestly, I am not planning on complaining.  One of the things I that really bothers me though is the physical affection. It just creeps the hell out of me.


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