Chapter 1 (continued)


About five minutes later the door to the mixed common room slams and someone else runs in.

“Ah Jeremy your late. Sit down and I’ll speak to you after.”

He comes over to us and sits down on Zook’s knee and stretches his legs so he is sitting over us. Zook says to him in his best teacher voice:

“Jeremy, you’re late.”

“Yeah Jel, where ya been?” Brad asks as Henry began to tie Jel’s shoelaces together. Jel scuffs Zook over the head and then just replies with a smirk:

“Just been doing yunno…stuff.” He is American, from the Deep South. I wonder how much it would piss him off if I ask him if he is from America then I told him it is the accent. But I don’t because he is huge and seems to be just beef so I shut up.

“What kind of stuff?” Zook asks.

He just smiles sheepishly.

“Go on, tell us!” They look at him with eager eyes.

He avoids eye contact with them and that’s when his eyes meet mine. Some people believe that we meet at least one person that we’ve met in a previous life and I had never believes that up until now. I could have sworn I’ve seen him before, there was something oddly familiar about him but I knew that was virtually impossible. When could I have met him and how? There is no possibility of it. His face drops.

“Who the hell are you?” That look he gave me, there so much authority in his eyes; he is saying this is his territory and he is the alpha male, I never would forget.

“Ben Middleton-Jones.” I squeak. I am literally crapping enough bricks to build a damn sandcastle with and that’s saying something. He seems like the kind of guy who could be in upper sixth. He is at least 6ft. and is incredibly well built and looks like he is the kind of guy who will beat me to a pulp and mash my face in .if I say one wrong thing.

“And how long have you been here for?”

“Ten minutes.” He is giving me that look again.

“Did you put Arkansas as your first choice?”

“Stop scaring him Jel. He’s been here barely anytime at all and no he’s not going to try and take your place or whatever other crap you’re worrying about.”

“Jeremy, can I have a word?”

Jel climbs off us and to speak to Mr H and we are all set free so we go back out the door, up the three steps, back along the corridor and back up the stairs to where my luggage is.

I am in a massive room with Zook, Henry and Jel and Brad is opposite with two other people in my year who I hasn’t met.

“And Ben, that’s your bed.” Zook gestures to the one behind the door. There are two other beds against either wall and one against the backwall.

“Apologies for the smell, Chewie’s not that hygienic.”

“That is not fair! I wash like three times a day!”

“Well you obviously haven’t done it today.” Zook mutters and Henry goes for his knees and brings him the ground.

“Don’t mind them. You’ll soon get used to it.” Brad goes and climbs onto the bunked against the far wall and beckons for me to join him.

“Oh dear, Jel’s left his MacBook unlocks and his Facebook on. What a shame.” Brad says sarcastically and Zook and Henry stop play fighting and look at Brad then at each other.

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if something gets posts on there…?”Zook climbs up next to me and stole the laptop from Brad.

“No seriously, he will be so pissed off…” Henry starts but is drowns out by Zook and Brad planning what they are going to put on Jel’s Facebook page.

“We can’t put that he likes dicks or something because that is very obvious that it is a frape…”

“We could put that he is moving to Gallagher?” Henry suggests and Brad and Zook both stop and look at him.

“Okay, it is just a suggestion.  How about we message some of the freaks in our year?”

“You mean like Jay?”

“Oh yeah because that would totally get us in his good books.”

I decide I can’t sit in silence forever. So I tell them my suggestion and for a moment they just look at me then agree mine is the only vaguely good suggestion they’ve had so far.


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