Betrayel-A cliche?


I am thinking of make my main characters in my book a betrayer but I read somewhere about how much of a cliche that was, especially in YA fiction. But I can’t think of a better character arc or role for this character? What do you think? Is someone backstabbing someone else a cliche?. AJ xx


Life is given t…


Life is given to each of us in a flatpack box with no instructions and a few screws missing. We just spend the next however many decades trying to put it together then you discover the instructions, you have to write them yourselfs. It’s what you make and how you put it back together when it falls apart, not waiting for someone else to do it.

You and my heart


The day we met was the best day of my life

You were everything

But then you destroyed me

You tore up my heart to shreds

And walked all over it

With your size ten feet

And left me to pick up the pieces

And to slot them back together

But it can never go back

Because it’s missing a bit

The bit I gave you

And I can never have back

and I can never be whole

The Day you left


The day you left

a light in me went out

I wait 24 hours but you don’t come back

I remember when you told me

you were in the middle of your sentence

and I died a little

because I didn’t want to hear the end

I wait 48 hours in hope you’d come back

I looked for you everywhere

I still expect to hear your voice

and in my darkest moments

and brightest days

you should be there

I wait 3 weeks but no word. Nothing.

I send you ten messages,

3 texts and a

phone message. Nothing.

You dissapeared into the dust

and took a part of me with you

After six months your

just another memory in draw

another person I’ve lost

I wonder if we’ll meet again one day


in a coffee shop

in a distant city

and rekindle everything we had

after 4 and a half years

these miles have torn us worlds apart

and I know deep down

your not coming back.

What does it mean to be popular?


Because I am:

a)still at school

 b)a writer and a people watcher 

c)a complete social reject, 

It’s been on my mind for a bit now.What actually makes you popular? Is it how you look or who your friends with or how you act around other people. What makes this particular people so interesting that everyone is terrified of yet secretly wishes they could be friends with . Is doing that one daring thing that get’s you noticed or bullying some kid you’ve never met to show off what you can. We spend years either fearing this group of friends or having the time of our lives being part of it and never consider that they are simply a bunch of friends who happened to loved and admired by everyone. Personally I think most of them are a bunch of arseholes that bullied me and if there’s one thing I’m learning at school, being popular is only who your were.

So thoughts anyone, what does being popular mean to you either now or when you were at school? AJ xx