Am I wrong?


One day

soon or not yet

you will come to

maybe an empty crossroads 

or a unlocked door

where all it takes is a knock

or a turn

but you may wonder

am I wrong

to look beyond the façade

am I wrong

to not wear a mask

am I wrong

to wish for something more

than lies




to name a few

is it wrong

to believe what I want

say what I think

that I am meant for more than this

why is it wrong

to actually work for something

off the beaten track

because if I don’t now

I can never turn back

So don’t believe it’s wrong to

Ask for something more

Who knows what will happen

because if you never knock

you’ll spend your whole life

facing the door.


LOTR challenge=Day 1 Favourite Film


My favourite film, that’s a really hard one. I don’t see them as separate films but as one long film cut into three. Still if I have to choose, it’s either the Return of the King (RoTK) of The Fellowship of the Ring (FoTR). RoTK has some of the best moments that make me bawl but I have to go with FoTR. Here are reasons (in no particular order) why:

1.The music. Gives me the shivers everytime. Particulary the shire theme tune and The Isengard music.

2. The huge variations of different locations and how their all
unique in their own way.locations 1







3.Some of the most iconic lines in move history.

How I’m feeling about my exam tommorow…

If I take one more step2


4. The Shire. How can this not stir something inside of you?

5. The balrog is the best special effect in the movie.

6. Some of the best fight sequences.

7. The opening despite not being in the book I can recite almost word for word and the elvish at the beginning, it gives me the shivers.

8. This scene. Nuff said.



Day 1-Basic Details


These aren’t all my details because I am very wary of the internet and the dangers.

Name: Alexandra Jay (pseudonym)

Age: 16 (almost 17)

Home: Small town in the north of Scotland

At the moment I am: Away at boarding school, also in Scotland

A-level Subjects: History, English Lit, Drama

Hobbies: Writing, reading, anything Tolkien, going to the gym, drama, squash

Most likely to find me: In my room or in the theatre

Favourite books: Tolkien’s works, Wuthering heights, Great Gatsby

Favourite bands: American Authors, Bastille, Mumford and Sons, Bears Den, Noah and the Whale

Something I’ve never done: Tried vodka (at almost 17, I find that an achievement)

Greatest achievement so far: My completed 319 page first draft of my novel 

In ten years time I want to be: Teaching primary kids preferably in a hot country far away from Scotland with at least 2 books published and to be in a sensible permanent relationship with someone. Not partying or broke.

If you have any questions, preferably nothing too personal, ask away. AJ 🙂



I should blog more


I really should. I haven’t been on here since March 25 (Tolkien reading, fall of Sauron, beginning of the fourth age etc). I can’t believe it’s May! Where has the time gone! I’m been so busy with my exams and work and my novel in particular that it’s just flying by and I can’t keep up!

To my blog more interesting and for you guys to find out some stuff about me, I’m gonna do this:


and possibly this



I’ll see how it goes. Plus more updates on the Long road Home and my fantasy novel. 🙂



New opening, thoughts anyone? Would you read on


It was never meant to be my story. Well I thought I never had any stories worth telling. I watch things happen; always an outsider looking in. I’ve had one friend my whole life and I’ve never been part of anything. In case your wondering, I’m telling this for a friend. A friend who felt they couldn’t tell it themselves and a friend who without me, wouldn’t have a story as neither would I. Most of the events surrounding the bet are completely and utterly true and as a result, this is more out of guilt than a favour.

It begins and ends in a airport. I’m 14 and 9 months old and have managed to pack up my whole life into three suitcases. Inverness Airport is the third airport I’ve been in today and compare to Leeds and Aberdeen, definitely the shittiest. I have a real urge to write CLAIM ME on my forehead just to see if anyone notices but there’s no sign of life anywhere. Not a sod.  

The End of All things


This is my absolute favourite scene from this movie and even listening to the music on my IPod makes me cry. The fact Sam has sacrificed everything for Frodo and Frodo has just realised it, they’re talking about what’s motivating them and then you realise that this is the end and they are talking about because they are just about to die.